back to school shopping… kind of

It’s September! So it’s basically fall! Never mind that just about every day of this month so far has reached over 90 degrees. School and the PSL are both back. It’s fall.

This is the time of year I want to buy all the things. After 17 years (not including grad school — holy smokes) of back to school shopping, it’s hard not to think that it must be time to go buy clothes.

Buuuut, I’m not in school. That one little detail makes it a little hard to justify buying lots of new clothes. On top of that, at the moment I have one PRN job and am looking for more work, so I’m kind of in work-clothes limbo as well; no need to buy more when I have no idea what the dress code will be if/when I get another job.

I try to be careful about not having an excess of clothes (which I touched on here), but I do think it’s good to do a little wardrobe refresh occasionally. There are a few things I plan to keep in mind as I shop this fall. Hopefully. 🙂

  1. Make it versatile. Having a clothes board on Pinterest is so telling. I looked through mine to get some ideas, and what I came away with was a clear picture of what I’m drawn to: grays, black, navy, maroon, and green. Occasionally aqua or mustard make their way onto the board, but there are entire sections you can scroll through where everything that fits on the screen is gray. While this definitely has potential to get boring,  it’s also an opportunity to maximize my wardrobe. By sticking to a basic color palette that works for me, it’ll be easier to put outfits together without spending too much precious morning time staring at my closet.
  2. Consider what you already have. This is so fundamental that it almost seems silly to say it, yet I find that I often don’t think at all about what I own when I’m buying new clothes. I tend to buy random things here and there that don’t work with anything I have at home. Then it sits there because I don’t know how to wear it, but I also don’t want to take it back. At that point, you almost have to buy something else to go with it. Not a great spiral to be in.
  3. Consider what you actually need. I’m accustomed to having a pretty extensive casual wardrobe and just a couple of outfits’ worth of grown-up, work appropriate clothes. Now that I’m out of school, I obviously have needed to get more work clothes, but I don’t know what I really need in the casual, everyday department. I’m down to two good pairs of jeans, and surprisingly, I’ve realized I probably don’t need more than that. Gone are the days of needing around seven good pairs, and it’s requiring a pretty concerted effort to not stock up out of habit.
  4. Find something to do other than shop. When the weather cools down, we’re a little lower on options for places to go and just hang out. For me, the mall was always my default place when I just wanted to go somewhere, whether alone or with a friend. That makes things complicated when you’re on a budget — and who isn’t? Do yourself (and whoever you’re with) a favor by not dangling all the pretties in front of your face. The library is my new favorite place to be when I’m alone. Coffee shops, bakeries, and each other’s homes are great options. And who says you can’t throw on a jacket and still go to the park or take a walk? Basically, you can’t buy scarves and sweaters if you can’t see them.

What are some other ways you keep spending on clothes in check?


2 thoughts on “back to school shopping… kind of

  1. Haylie says:

    This is so true. And for me, it’s not just clothes… It’s ALL THE DECOR IN KIRKLANDS. Also, it ABSOLUTELY is fall. Summer is just throwing a tantrum. (So annoying.) I firmly believe starting on September 1 it should be Hogwarts degrees outside.


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