the abyss, aka my purse

Y’all, I love purses.

I was that kid who straight up hated purses and got kinda cranky when I had to carry one during that time of the month. I don’t know what changed, but I went a little purse crazy as I got into high school. I owned close to 10 and changed them often, depending on the season, my mood, and my outfit. And they got progressively bigger.

I kinda loved having big purses. One time when I went to a movie with a friend, she snuck in a Subway sandwich in her purse. I was in awe of her and thought, THIS is why we carry big purses! So naturally that became a major function of my purses, including sneaking biscuits and milkshakes into school when I came back from running yearbook errands because a Pal’s milkshake, straw and all, would fit in my purse — and it could still be zipped. I also justified carrying a lot of extra crap because there was plenty of room and maybe I would actually need a million cough drops and a dozen lip glosses.

So it was a bummer when 19-year-old me started having shoulder pain. I was consistently uncomfortable anytime I carried my purse for even short amounts of time. Realizing I was too young for that kind of craziness, I decided to get a cross body bag — one of the smallest ones I could find.

I temporarily held onto all my other purses while I began using the cross body, but once I had transitioned, I had no desire to use anything bigger. The only times I have wanted bigger bags since then have been vacations, where I wanted to carry a camera, bottle of water, etc. My everyday tiny cross body weighs around 2 pounds fully loaded, and I no longer own anything bigger than this. (I also carry my bags till they wear out instead of switching all the time, even though going back and forth would be considerably easier now.)


Everything in my purse, with room to spare (card slots included, so no need for a wallet). The red container holds ibuprofen, and my sister-in-law got me the adorable owl change purse.

If you’ve never gone minimal with a purse, I encourage it — it’s physically more comfortable, and definitely freeing! How awesome is it to literally feel like you’re not carrying anything, while actually having everything you need? To be honest, I’ve realized that this hypoglycemic girl needs something slightly bigger so that I can more easily carry snacks, but I will definitely not be going overboard; my goal is to stay around 5 pounds or less. I’m really excited about where I’ll be buying that purse — stay tuned!

One thought on “the abyss, aka my purse

  1. marysfelty says:

    Love this! I was the exact same way in high school! I had ginormous purses, and my friend Alice would call them my “bag of wonders” because I would literally pull out a ton of stuff from them like a whole bag of Wheat Thins (that was my go-to snack in high school), books, makeup, etc. But now I’m down to a small purse and it’s SO much easier to maintain!


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